What is Mindful Oak?

Mindful Oak Nature-Based Psychotherapy Practice aims to challenge traditional concepts of psychotherapy and expand ideas about how to engage in the therapeutic process. Using nature as both a metaphor and a backdrop on the therapeutic journey supports thinking outside the therapy office, finding new and different ways to create the shifts needed to live a life that is authentically yours.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 25 years of experience in public mental health, I am dedicated to helping you enrich your life and realize your potential. Drawing upon mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, my strengths-based approach will help you identify areas of growth, recognize inner resources, and overcome barriers to achieving goals. I provide a safe and non-judgmental space in the spirit of warmth, humor, and curiosity to support you in exploring life’s challenges and transforming emotional pain into a sense of balance and wellness.

Throughout the ages, the oak tree has served as a symbol of strength, wisdom, and endurance. As the 14th Century proverb says, “From little acorns great oaks do grow” – a reminder that something large and strong developed from small beginnings. But the mighty oak doesn’t become so overnight. Just as the oak needs nourishment and time to grow, so do humans. Together we will explore and cultivate your inner strength, so you can emerge as mighty and wise as the great oak.